The Proposal – Part 2



Creating your own world was not easy! Being the lonely person. Being the center of the universe was not easy     The Proposal Episode 1- Click here

The Proposal Episode 2 –

              As she was hesitating, she grabbed her phone.  Obviously ! She couldn’t hold the suspense anymore. She wanted to know !  For her surprise! the notification was not what she expected. It was an e-mail from a random newsletter that she was subscribed for. It made her heartbeat rates rise for nothing. In fact, she did secretly expect a message from that person. She was kind of liking it, even though, she was not admitting.  Yes ! Of course! She convinced once again that someone was just pranking her. She went back to bed to get ready to sleep but she couldn’t sleep this time. Her anxiety was at a high level that she felt actually felt her heartbeat.

            She was anxious to find out who was the person behind the messages. She could not come to a conclusion. She wondered if she met any new people recently. She wondered if she gave her number to anyone. She wondered if her number was public somewhere that she wasn’t aware of. As she was thinking she fell asleep.

  • The next morning.

She woke up in a hurry; “I am late for work!”  She grabbed her phone to check the time. She was relieved, she had one hour to get ready for work, but she was in a rush, she could not miss her bus.But, wait.. did she really see what she saw?  Is she dreaming or is it the reality?

She received two new messages from the same number ! AND it was exactly right after she fell asleep.“How did I not hear the notification? “ Without any hesitation, she opened the message.

” Good night darling! Would you like to go for a coffee tomorrow after work”

right after this one.

“Can meet up at the Starbucks near your work”

She almost fainted. 

The Proposal -Part 3 click here 


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