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2021- Another year to remember!

photography, Throwbacks

2021 was another year, where we had to face many challenges. Yet, another year I focused on myself. Every year, my goal is to live each day and never expect anything in return. Despite all the struggles and the restless journey, I was able to accomplish many things. Changed my career, celebrating a successfull business and completing my dream project.

With the global pandemic hitting its 2nd year, it was not an easy year, to begin with. the first few months were slow. But it didn’t stop me from doing what I love doing: photography. I was able to focus even more. I tuned up my game in the business. I am a person who doesn’t just wait for opportunities but creates them. Those opportunities opened me up to new ventures, to new people, to new ideas. I can proudly say that 2021 was a success.

2021 was one of the toughest years, I faced as well. I was able to finish my certificate which I enrolled in two years ago. It was my goal and dream to be part of this program. I finished successfully my certificate in Commercial Photography while working full time and handling my side business (photography). It was not easy, but I can definitely say that I MADE IT”. It made me open to new venture such as food photography. Even though, I enjoy people, I also have found a special love for food. I am looking forward to see where it will bring my in the future.

Looking forward to another filled with memorable days and can’t wait to create more .

2020 – A year to remember !

photography, Throwbacks

A year with twist and turns! It was definitely not an easy year for most of us. I started this year with a new perspective. I wanted to use every opportunity that came on my way and go with the flow without expecting and planning anything ahead.

2020 taught me a lot and made me realize that sometimes it is better to slow down and breathe. One of my goals this year was to make time for myself. I always kept myself busy with work or studies, but i never made time for myself. This year I wanted to prioritize, my health and self care. Fortunately, I was able to do it. I was able to breathe and enjoy little moment that I always had wished for.

My next goal was to do level up my photography, I wanted to improve my skills, learn new techniques and I wanted to shoot more.

As we all know, we ended up in a quite long lockdown caused by a global pandemic and we were not able to function like before, it was the new normal. Even during the lockdown, I didn’t give up, I attended online classes , watched YouTube videos and definitely improved my skills.

In the beginning of the year, I had gathered feedbacks from my friends and did self review about my work. I worked on my flaws and strengthened my skills. I am always grateful the genuine love and support I always had since the beginning of my career.

My relationship with some got even stronger and I was also able to meet new people this years who continuously supporting my goals and foremost my passion. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and definitely every person helped me in their own way into my growth. They believed in me and pushed me to do better and to go out of my comfort to create.

Despite all the things that happened this year, I looked in a optimistic way and cherished every moment we had as we don’t know what we will happen next. I will definitely continue to do so. I am very grateful for this life.

I’m looking forward 2021 to create more memories, meet new people and create quality content.

Suki Nathan

5 things Covid-19 taught me !!


I missed blogging. I have been working full time (what’s new eh?) side hustling with photography and taking a full time course. People who knows me well, knows that I am a workaholic, I am either working or thinking about what to do next. I never had or spent time for myself. Lot of things I wanted to do were in a pending mode, whether blogging our starting a YouTube Channel. And Covid19 happened in Canada, where we were partially quarantined in our homes and some people may have stocked up on toilet paper and some others on food which was not the case for me. I was stocked with lot of ideas and was motivated to put more time into my passion. It has been more than a month and I’ve been and trying to use this time to be productive and to use the time wisely. Now, that I have more time for myself, I wanted to do the things i never got the chance to do. Here are the most important things I’ve learned during the confinement.

Self care

One thing I definitely learned is to take care of myself. Usually, I always kept myself busy with work, shoots and classes. I would do the basic self care some times in awhile but never had the time to do in a consistent way and eventually forget about it. But as of the current situation, I try my best to always remind myself that it is the time to take of myself and bring out a daily routine throughout the day.

Follow your dreams

this new normal life gave me plenty of free time on my own which I have not taken for granted. I am trying to use it wisely. It allowed me to refocus on my dreams and my pending projects which I never had the proper time to do so. One of the main reason that led me into photography is definitely writing (blogging). In the beginning, was very active and would be writing more often and eventually with more bookings and other reasons I stopped writing. I would be always bothered and missed writing and even think to write but I was not inspired with anything. The second thing, I always wanted to do is to start a YouTube Channel even way before I start photography. Now, I found the perfect time to work on these two and to create more.


With all the new technologies and new way of living, the people have become more selfish than ever. it has brought lot of distance between human, where we forgot to really care about others and the planet. Individualism became more and more evident in our daily lives where we only thing about ourselves and the one we really love at some extend. But, when were were told to stay home and maintain distances and avoid gatherings, we truly realize that compassion, love and care of others have won over our individualism and our selfishness. We started to avoid contacts and avoided unnecessary gatherings and trips to avoid the spread of the virus and to save many lives, the one we know and definitely the one we don’t know. It hasn’t been easy but these moments is truly an win over the world. LOVE OVER SELFISHNESS.

Money isn’t everything

It is not always about the money. We couldn’t save lives with the money we had. but did with the money we couldn’t make (staying home) Life is not always easy. We tend to show off with the money we have, big parties, big weddings, big events. Once again love conquered the money, for the sake of our loved one, we had postponed or canceled events and money couldn’t do anything. Whether you are rich or poor LOVE conquers all.

Learning new skills

And the last thing, I definitely learned is skills. Laziness or lack of time, made me more lazy. It was easier for me to ask my mom to drape me the saree or it would be easier to go do my eyebrows at the saloon. But during this lockdown, I got the chance and the time to learn how to drape a saree and to do my own eyebrows. I start to cook better, enhance my photography skills.

i am aware of the privilege and I am forever grateful and thankful for this life. Not everyone can be motivated and inspired every day. Some people are even struggling to meet the ends and this situation are not helping them. I am doing my best to provide help to anyone in need and hoping for this situation to change and everything gets back to normal.

Through my lens.




Another year filled with amazing shoots that I did. Most of them are new faces and some you may have recognized them from all my previous shoot. They are the one who has my heart and I never get tired of having them in my feeds. Thank you for all your love and support. Keep supporting me on another venture filled with more shoots to come.



In the beginning of the year I’ve set myself some goals in order to achieve them; like shoot more than the previous year. Honestly, I did not achieve all of them but I did achieve few things that wasn’t even on my list such registering my business, apply to that course. There are few things I wish I had done differently but I am not regretting anything. This year has been a year filled with emotions and thoughts and like I had mentioned, filled with experiences and learning.

I’ve started of the year with my dream team: Vaany and Tharshana. In fact we started off together in our respective work few years ago and I’m happy to be part of this hardworking and dedicated team. I’ve seen them grow over the year and we lifted up each other in our hardest times and we cheered up at our biggest achievements. I had the chance to organize a brand new fashion show

Throughout this year, I lost the real reason behind why I started photography and it led me into depression and I was stressed about not achieving my goal. Later, I realized why I had really started off photography: passion, but nothing else. I refocused my goals and got back on track. Moreover, looking at all the social media accounts did not help me, but I started to really focus on my life and not to bother about all illusions that social media give you. Not only, I almost gave up on my passion but I did not bother about my health, which led me to another breakdown. One of my goals in the upcoming year, is to take care of my health, shoot more and of course write more.

Over a decade…

From dropping out from college to successfully owning a business close to my heart. Its something that I never thought of. Over this decade, I am proud to say that I have achieved lot of things and I don’t regret any of my mistakes and I’ve learned a lot from them. Ten years ago, I was still struggling to be finish my studies. Here I am now holding a certificate from McGill and owning a business close to my heart. I’ve met beautiful people and whom I cherish every moment with them. I’ve lost few friends but I’ve gained true ones. Meeting my husband a decade ago was not an accident. And to say that I’ve been waiting for him and been in a long distance relationship for 8 years; who would have believed me. When you know he is the one, the distance doesn’t matter. I’ve explored Sri Lanka in a whole and visited England with him. Been traveling back and forth to the States with the family. This past years has been a roller coaster but it has brought me a lot of good memories.

I honestly can’t wait to see how 2020 is going to be. looking forward meeting new people,plan and execute new projects. -Suki Nathan

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We are a Montreal based photography service. We serve different communities in Montreal for more than five years. Our team consists of photographers, album designers, event planners, and editors. We cover two categories of events; private and corporate. We set up a brand in 2016 as one of the first Tamil female photographer based in-town.

One of our goals is to capture unique moments and promote small and medium businesses and give back to the community through our photography. Our brand strongly believes in a healthy relationship with the clients.

Found by Suki Nathan, a noble female photographer of SHiiNECREATIVEMEDIA. She is a self-taught photographer and she also holds a certificate in Public Relations and Communication from McGill.

Driven by passion for photography, she captures beautiful memories through her lenses and vision. She believes that every picture has a story behind. Being behind a camera is nothing new to her as she was always around a camera since her young age.

Corporates events:

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Wedding: To capture the most memorable moment in a union of two families becoming one.

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Able to help small businesses promote their product/services through my photography.

Plan, organize and execute events and shoots/

Help various non-profit organizations/

A healthy relationship with clients.

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