The Coffee Shop -3


The Coffee Shop Part 1 click here

Later in the evening, my friend was waiting for me at my office.

-Did you even try to talk to her today?

-No! But I saw her twice, I answered him joyfully.

-You are an idiot, man! You are not even realizing that you got this job just to meet her and do something! Somehow you got her phone number; I thought you would at least call her and talk, but you’re just hopeless!!

Yes! he’s right. I am working at the coffee shop just to meet her again and talk to her. She would come here every day just before going to her office which is a few blocks away. Every time I would see her, I would be speechless. TOTAL BLACKOUT!

– Tell me, man! what are you planning to do? Are you going to spend the rest of your life working these crazy shifts trying to find a way to talk to her, while she finds someone else and she settles down?


– Then what are you waiting for? Waiting for the Santa Clause to put some sense in your head?

I did not know what to answer for that comment. I just laughed and bowed my head down.

As he was leaving the room, he just shouted at me that I was useless and nobody could help me and that I was going to die single. SINGLE FOREVER!

To be continued…



Me Myself & My Camera


Why I haven’t thought?  One of the main reason for this blog…How did I miss writing about this topic…

A little bit of history…

Photography was actually found in England by Thomas Wedgwood around 1800. He is the one wrote the theory of the dark room and the exposure of the subject to the light. But, only Nicéphore Niépce officially developed the concept of photography and invented; the world’s oldest surviving photographic process product in 1825: the heliography. And it was commercialized in 1839, which is the official date of the birth of photography worldwide.

Me & My Camera

 Now that recall in my life I have always been carrying a camera with me; school, house parties, outing, dinners. I was the cameraman, oh maybe the camerawoman, well actually the photographer. Recently, I went through my old stuff and I have found cameras and video recorder from different generation lasting more than a decade. From the film rolls to the latest DSLR: I had them all.

Fast forward to 2017! I was into photography and editing since 2008 and I would edit any kind of photos on photoshop (obviously, self-taught) and I love everything about it. I try to take as much as photos as I can ( including selfies ). Likewise, I am learning new stuff every day and I will not stop. As I mentioned in my previous post “Throwback 2016” I wanted to something I always liked it: writing and photography.  It was very hard to come out of my comfort zone and make my dreams come true. It is not easy for a girl who had zero self-confidence and who was struggling financially. But I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life sad.  Here I am now; doing what I like and what makes me happy.


In the future…

I am not really interested in birthdays parties or weddings but I want to be part of business affairs and events and even organizing them. My main idea is to incorporate my photography “skills” into business tactics. I don’t just want to be only the “so called” photographer but also able to help small businesses to promote their products and their vision through my photography. I want to be part of their successful business events and cherish every moment of it through my lens. Moreover, I want my photographies to speak for myself.

Will meet you soon with another post….. By Suki Nathan

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Throwback 2016

The Proposal – Part 2



Creating your own world was not easy! Being the lonely person. Being the center of the universe was not easy     The Proposal Episode 1- Click here

The Proposal Episode 2 –

              As she was hesitating, she grabbed her phone.  Obviously ! She couldn’t hold the suspense anymore. She wanted to know !  For her surprise! the notification was not what she expected. It was an e-mail from a random newsletter that she was subscribed for. It made her heartbeat rates rise for nothing. In fact, she did secretly expect a message from that person. She was kind of liking it, even though, she was not admitting.  Yes ! Of course! She convinced once again that someone was just pranking her. She went back to bed to get ready to sleep but she couldn’t sleep this time. Her anxiety was at a high level that she felt actually felt her heartbeat.

            She was anxious to find out who was the person behind the messages. She could not come to a conclusion. She wondered if she met any new people recently. She wondered if she gave her number to anyone. She wondered if her number was public somewhere that she wasn’t aware of. As she was thinking she fell asleep.

  • The next morning.

She woke up in a hurry; “I am late for work!”  She grabbed her phone to check the time. She was relieved, she had one hour to get ready for work, but she was in a rush, she could not miss her bus.But, wait.. did she really see what she saw?  Is she dreaming or is it the reality?

She received two new messages from the same number ! AND it was exactly right after she fell asleep.“How did I not hear the notification? “ Without any hesitation, she opened the message.

” Good night darling! Would you like to go for a coffee tomorrow after work”

right after this one.

“Can meet up at the Starbucks near your work”

She almost fainted. 

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One country! two months! Twenty-five cities! 


Most of you know very well that I travel once a year to Sri Lanka. More often, I don’t stay more than four weeks as I have to come to work and, of course; pay back all my bills and save for my next trip. But this time, I stayed for two months. Can you believe ?? TWO WHOLE MONTHS !!! Thanks to my super work and my super nice bosses who let me go for TWO MONTHS. I was able to travel and travel all over the country and of course, I spent a lot of money.  Every time I visit my home country, I always try to discover at least one new city and place to add in my Sri Lankan map. ( travel map coming soon)  But, this summer was a tiring and hectic trip. No complaints! I loved it. As I was planning my trip to Sri Lanka in the beginning of summer 2016 I didn’t imagine that it would be a trip to remember forever.

               I was able to visit few cities and villages in the beautiful Island of Asia.  Even though Colombo is where I stay during my vacations,  I was born in Kurumbaciddy, a small village  12km away from Jaffna Town in the Northern Province of the Island. if I would have to pick my most favorite town, it would be without hesitation Nuwara Eliya, obviously right after JAFFNA. Nuwara Eliya is known for its cold mountain climate and of course for the tea estate and tea factory, which Sri Lanka is famous for. I was able to visit this small town three times, the first time was in 2013, and each time I stayed two days. there are many activities including the famous World’s End. Even though I am a lazy person, I loved walking for 12 km for the second time. You can read my famous story ”When we decided to visit the Plains”.


During my stay in Sri Lanka, I didn’t initially plan all these trips. Even though we were tired and wanted to rest, we always ended up planning new trips. I didn’t want to miss the chance to go on road trip and moreover, it was on my bucket list to do the tour of Sri Lanka. I almost covered the Island, especially the Northen and the Central part is covered.  I still have few cities to discover in the Southern part of the country to officially declare the tour as COMPLETED.

I had the chance to visit twenty-five cities in two months. YES! TWENTY-FIVE!. It sounds so crazy BUT YEAAAH!!!! TWENTY-FIVE!. Here is the list of the cities I visited:

Here is the list of the cities I visited in 60 days in no particular order.

Colombo,  Jaffna, Kilinochi,Vavuniya, Sangupiddy (Bridge), Chavakacheri, Mulathivu, Trinco, Anuradhapura, Nuwara Eliya, Katharagama, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Batticaloa, Kandy, Madu, Puttalam, Ramboda, Kalathura,Ninathivu, Badulla, Tellipalai, Karavedi, Kankesanthurai

It was a great experience for me as I was able to visit all these places within two months. And I was able to enjoy this road trip so much. I was and I will be never tired of road trips as I am planning more trips like this in the future, including a trip to Europe. Stay Tuned. I will be updating my experiences about my trips in my blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! Do not hesitate to leave your feedback and suggestions! 

JR Raphael


The multinational company Samsung released the newest smartphone last week; the Samsung Galaxy S7. It is powered by the latest Android software, the MARSHMALLOW OS 6.0. Android is an operating system for smartphones developed by Google. In the recent year, Android is one of the main operating systems in the world for the smartphones. Without any compromise, Android’s biggest concurrence is IOS Apple.
Therefore, we use these smartphones and tablets powered by Android or IOS to browse online and focus on different applications available that provide us a faster and quicker way to connect with the world of technology. There are many platforms that allow each and everyone to express and share their thoughts. These platforms are used to express ourselves on various themes and subjects such as fashion, photography, travel and many more. It is possible to find one person in particular who combined technology and writing into one theme. Jr Raphael, from the United States of America, is a blogger who shares his knowledge and diverse social media platform to connect and communicate with his readers and followers around the world.

Jr Raphael is a syndicated blog writer and contributing editor at Computerworld and Infoworld. Syndicated stories are usually short and based on a precise theme and these articles are sold through distribution services via the Internet.  As it is, JR is also part of the syndicated distribution service where his article on Android and its gadgets are sold. He is also the author and writer at AndroidPower. He launched AndroidPower in 2010, where he write about the various subject about Google, but mainly focused on Android smartphones and ‘smart gadgets’.

The digital blogger is predominantly active on social Medias, such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Raphael’s Twitter account is followed by around 12,000 followers. His Google+ accounted has almost 900,000 followers and finally his Facebook page is liked by more than 7,000 people. It is possible to see the number of followers that he has is very high, especially on Google+. Quite simple to guess, his main topic is only about Google and Android, which is the key factor to attract more followers on Google+. Moreover, some of his short articles appeared in The Washington Post,, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

  He also reviews android gadgets and devices in his blog. He has his own website, where it is possible to find his stories from his different social media sources, such as from twitter.  His personal portal is divided into four section: Reviews, Analysis, Tips and Tricks and finally In Depth. These four sections are strictly about Android and Google

When you what you are passioned about, you will never work one day in your life. I am hoping to succeed in what I am really passionate about. I will keep you updated, until then see you with another post soon.