Suki Nathan

Don’t live in your dreams. Make your dreams your living

 Little bit More About Me…..

 I was born in Sri Lanka. I came to Canada when I was 2 years old due to the civil war in the country.  I am the middle child and I have two sisters.  Even though I grew up Canada, where the culture is completely different from my culture and traditions, I didn’t forget my roots and the beauty of my country. I was born in a family where Hinduism was very dominant, but when we moved to Canada, we attended a community Church near our house and my mom decided to convert and since then Born Again Christians.

I was not able to complete my studies and my passion also my dream were almost buried away. One day  I decided that I had to live up my life and what others said to me didn’t matter anymore. I wanted to go back to school, uncertain of the consequences I gave up. But, my mom stood by me and supported from day one. She told ” don’t postpone anything, if you want to do something, do it right now  ” She was the one I dedicate everything to.  The person who I am now, it is because of HER: MY MOM.  Now, I hold a Certificate in Public Relation and Communication Management from McGill University. I am a full-time medical receptionist in Montreal.DSC_8767 (2)

When I was almost completing my certificate, I wanted to do something that I always loved: writing and photography. Yet again, I was not sure where to start. But again thanks to one of my friend, my mom and my husband who encouraged me. They pushed me to do what I always wanted to do. Here I am writing and sharing my love for writing and photography. Like I mentioned, I want you to see what I love through my lens.

At the current time, I am building my personal network and portfolio. I am offering social media management and photography services. For more information click here.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story. Do not hesitate to leave your feedback.

-Suki Nathan


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