The Coffee Shop -3


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Later in the evening, my friend was waiting for me at my office.

-Did you even try to talk to her today?

-No! But I saw her twice, I answered him joyfully.

-You are an idiot, man! You are not even realizing that you got this job just to meet her and do something! Somehow you got her phone number; I thought you would at least call her and talk, but you’re just hopeless!!

Yes! he’s right. I am working at the coffee shop just to meet her again and talk to her. She would come here every day just before going to her office which is a few blocks away. Every time I would see her, I would be speechless. TOTAL BLACKOUT!

– Tell me, man! what are you planning to do? Are you going to spend the rest of your life working these crazy shifts trying to find a way to talk to her, while she finds someone else and she settles down?


– Then what are you waiting for? Waiting for the Santa Clause to put some sense in your head?

I did not know what to answer for that comment. I just laughed and bowed my head down.

As he was leaving the room, he just shouted at me that I was useless and nobody could help me and that I was going to die single. SINGLE FOREVER!

To be continued…



The Coffee Shop -2


“Long day ahead, but can’t miss a day at the coffee shop. You may wonder why: there is one person who is the reason”

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        Every night I take my phone to dial the number that I had for so long and talk to her but I end up not doing so. I don’t know exactly why this feeling. I never hesitated like this in my life. When I have something in mind, I would execute it without hesitating. DO or DIE POLICY! Despite my self-confidence and my braveness; when it comes to this person, I am the loser of the world.

            I always end up calling my best buddy whom I share everything with. We’ve been through all: secrets, fights and everything else that you can imagine. He thinks I am good for nothing; he doesn’t even want to listen to me anymore. I guess he’s fed up with my drama. Oh well! Since we run a business together; he can’t escape from me that easily.

But he always picks up my calls!

-“What’s up, dude!  Let me guess: you have dialed a number, but end up calling me. Am I right?”

-“Nothing man! I don’t know! I am so nervous all the time.”

-“What’s wrong with you, if you can’t even talk, what the freak are you going to do?”

-“Don’t know! talk to you later.” And I just hung up. I was not able to answer him. I got to do something about it!

           I just sent him a message saying that I will talk to him tomorrow in person.

          And he just replied me “Good Night! let me sleep!”

Sleep? I checked the time and it was almost 2 in the morning. OH GOD! WHAT AN IDIOT! I thought it was like 9 or something.

He must be thinking that I am crazy! Thank God I didn’t call her at this time.

                                          To be continued…


 The Coffee Shop – 1


It has been few years I start working here, I made few good friends. Thanks to the manager, who was my friend, I got the job right away. He was wondering why I was insisting on this posting. Nine to five at the coffee shop and working for my company from home. It is not easy, but I enjoy what I do which makes the work easier. I started my company right after graduating from University.

I kept my personal business a secret at the shop; my coworker knew me as someone who was in desperate need of getting a job to support my family. Even though the manager was my friend,  I made sure he won’t divulge my secret to anybody. Working at the coffee shop was something unexpected but something I will never regret. I enjoyed every single day working here.

Since the coffee shop is at the center of few companies, the shop is always busy, we barely have time to stop for a small chat.

As I entered  –Good Morning guys!

– What’s up ! come and help me, dude! We will talk later! 

I quickly got at the back of the counter and start serving.

I start off my day perfectly until I meet that one person every morning and that’s when my world around me stops working

-To be continued.

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The Proposal! Part 5


There is a timing for everything. There is a will for everything. There is a way for everything.

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As she was confused,  she waited for him to come back, but everything seems well planned, he didn’t show up in the front.

           – He escaped! If I see his face again I would smack something on his head! She was frustrated! She did not know what to do anymore; the suspense was over but what’s next?

She couldn’t stay there longer; she had to leave.She went home and she went through her daily chores and as she was sipping her homemade coffee in front of the TV. She was not even paying attention to the shows, but all she was thinking is about the guy she met, who she actually knew him for the past two years.

         -How is even possible? I thought we mutually hated each other. Why would he even do such thing? Is he playing? Is he serious? It is so confusing!

She had many unanswered questions. She was not able to think properly. Nobody would have imagined her in this situation! Was she in love? She decided to meet him face to face tomorrow and sort out this mess. As she was talking to herself she heard her phone ring, she was panicking! She took the phone it was a text message… from him.

         -OH MY GOD!

She opened the message and began reading.

          -From the day I saw you I knew that you were the one, the one who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I cannot imagine a life without you. I never had the chance to tell you, even though we would see each other every day. I never had the courage to let you know how much it made me happy to see you every morning. Your smile would make my heart beat faster. It took me two years to tell you now; how much you mean to me. I Love You! 

She was heartbroken.

   The Proposal -3


To the strongest women.; she build her own empire. Build it with confident and faith. Depend on no one except you.

Before reading the part 3, please read the first and the second part of the story.                                       Thank You!                                                                                                                                    Part 1 click here                             Part 2 click here

        As she rushed to work, she did not reply to the messages.But, she could not concentrate on anything else either. She almost forgot to lock her door; thanks to her neighbor who reminded her to lock. In her 30 minute trip to work, she already created a hundred scenarios in her head. But , she still couldn’t find the person behind this mysterious texts.               -AH! It must a prank! No doubt; she laughed to herself 

Arrived at her office, she quickly sneaked in her room and fixed her messy hair as she was getting ready to start her day. She went through her phone and as she was putting it away; she received her mysterious message

       –OH GOD ! what’s up now ! 

And she rushed to read it : – Hey Good Morning beauty! Looking pretty in that blue dress today. Hoping to see you soon… have a wonderful day. Catch you later. 

-WHAAAAT ! she screamed ! How does he even know that I am wearing a blue dress ? but how? can someone explain to me? (obviously, she was talking to herself out loud) Is he stalking me ? Who can it be? That guy on the bus with his headphone? The guy I crossed at the entrance? No can’t be! – I see him every day at the entrance, he hates me anyways. (yeah, lot of people don’t like me;  for being myself) So it is not anyone from the office.

        She was not only curious but nervous and scared too. She never experienced this kind of situation before. She didn’t even know how to react and how to respond.  The fact that she had an attitude (not in a bad way though) no one ever approached her. She was smart; she spoke her mind and she was not afraid anyone.

As the day passed, she was debating whether she should reply or ignore the message. And she was hesitating if she should go to meet the person or not after work.

,Around 5pm -end of her shift 

She received her second text of the day. -Will be there at 5.30 sharp. waiting for you at Starbucks across your office. 

-OH! MY ! GOD ! what to do now!

 But,  who is he………


The Proposal – Part 2



Creating your own world was not easy! Being the lonely person. Being the center of the universe was not easy     The Proposal Episode 1- Click here

The Proposal Episode 2 –

              As she was hesitating, she grabbed her phone.  Obviously ! She couldn’t hold the suspense anymore. She wanted to know !  For her surprise! the notification was not what she expected. It was an e-mail from a random newsletter that she was subscribed for. It made her heartbeat rates rise for nothing. In fact, she did secretly expect a message from that person. She was kind of liking it, even though, she was not admitting.  Yes ! Of course! She convinced once again that someone was just pranking her. She went back to bed to get ready to sleep but she couldn’t sleep this time. Her anxiety was at a high level that she felt actually felt her heartbeat.

            She was anxious to find out who was the person behind the messages. She could not come to a conclusion. She wondered if she met any new people recently. She wondered if she gave her number to anyone. She wondered if her number was public somewhere that she wasn’t aware of. As she was thinking she fell asleep.

  • The next morning.

She woke up in a hurry; “I am late for work!”  She grabbed her phone to check the time. She was relieved, she had one hour to get ready for work, but she was in a rush, she could not miss her bus.But, wait.. did she really see what she saw?  Is she dreaming or is it the reality?

She received two new messages from the same number ! AND it was exactly right after she fell asleep.“How did I not hear the notification? “ Without any hesitation, she opened the message.

” Good night darling! Would you like to go for a coffee tomorrow after work”

right after this one.

“Can meet up at the Starbucks near your work”

She almost fainted. 

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The Proposal


“When  the world  around you seem to be busy with its own problems, the only way to escape from it was to create your own world.” – SHiiNE

She was beautiful, She was bold, She was  smart, She was fearless,  She was; She is herself. 

                  On a rainy evening, she was  home listening to music on her phone. As she  was skipping the songs until her  favourite song to play , she received a text message from an unknown number.

                    -” Hello Beautiful ! ” popping out on her notification

             Scared, she wondered and murmured to herself “who would it be ? who  would actually find me  beautiful? is that person really blind ? or maybe they sent it to the wrong person ?

She opened the message and start typing

               –” I am sorry I think you got the wrong person right here.”

And the person replied :  ” no miss ! I’ve got the right one ! “

In a defensive mode “ well I’m not sure to recognize you, I’m sorry “. She was starting to get nervous; she had many questions in her mind. She decided not to reply anymore. But she couldn’t get her mind off the messages. She was getting curious to find out who was the person behind these messages. She wondered at the same time if it would be a prank played by her friends. She began to ask everyone, but the answer was an ultimate “no” from her friends; she was discouraged. As she didn’t get any replies for her last messages, she convinced herself that it must be someone out of their mind.

She was getting ready to sleep, she had to wake up very early the next day. She had put her phone on the lamp table beside her bed; the light turned off, she was covered up in her favorite blanket. Although she was sure someone was just playing with her, she was still thinking about the person.  

Just at the time she was falling asleep, her phone vibrated. Her thought came back. She told herself “I hope it is not from the same person” 

She hesitated if she should read the message or just go back to sleep.

And, she did what she had to do…..

                                             to be continued…

Part 2 -The Proposal