The Proposal


“When  the world  around you seem to be busy with its own problems, the only way to escape from it was to create your own world.” – SHiiNE

She was beautiful, She was bold, She was  smart, She was fearless,  She was; She is herself. 

                  On a rainy evening, she was  home listening to music on her phone. As she  was skipping the songs until her  favourite song to play , she received a text message from an unknown number.

                    -” Hello Beautiful ! ” popping out on her notification

             Scared, she wondered and murmured to herself “who would it be ? who  would actually find me  beautiful? is that person really blind ? or maybe they sent it to the wrong person ?

She opened the message and start typing

               –” I am sorry I think you got the wrong person right here.”

And the person replied :  ” no miss ! I’ve got the right one ! “

In a defensive mode “ well I’m not sure to recognize you, I’m sorry “. She was starting to get nervous; she had many questions in her mind. She decided not to reply anymore. But she couldn’t get her mind off the messages. She was getting curious to find out who was the person behind these messages. She wondered at the same time if it would be a prank played by her friends. She began to ask everyone, but the answer was an ultimate “no” from her friends; she was discouraged. As she didn’t get any replies for her last messages, she convinced herself that it must be someone out of their mind.

She was getting ready to sleep, she had to wake up very early the next day. She had put her phone on the lamp table beside her bed; the light turned off, she was covered up in her favorite blanket. Although she was sure someone was just playing with her, she was still thinking about the person.  

Just at the time she was falling asleep, her phone vibrated. Her thought came back. She told herself “I hope it is not from the same person” 

She hesitated if she should read the message or just go back to sleep.

And, she did what she had to do…..

                                             to be continued…

Part 2 -The Proposal 


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