Round trip – Toronto


Overdue post about my trip to Toronto last summer.

As we were planning to go to Boston with my family, we decided to cancel this year’s round trip to Toronto.  But as I was discussing with my friend, we came up with the idea to do a collaboration shoot in Toronto, so I said why not! I discussed with my mom and she encouraged me to give it a try.  So we decided to go to Toronto for a day or two and I can do my collab as well. I wanted to expand my photography services in Toronto also.  I didn’t want to miss any opportunity.

DSC_5359 (2)

I contacted few people on Instagram and I was able to organize it and I  had two shoots ready for the both Saturday and Sunday. Even though I was staying for two days only, I wanted to use both days.

The day I reached Toronto I had a shoot with Thanusha and Sinthuja Let’s Collab! -TORONTO EDITION and they were amazing. After a long drive and a long shoot day, we went to my aunt’s house, stayed there a bit.



In the evening, were supposed to meet up with my friend who lives and my sister wanted to go this cafe called Poop Cafe. So what I did is; I took both my sister and my friend to the cafe, which my friend loved it as well as my sister.

The next day,  I had the chance to shoot with Tia Tia Bhuva – The Cancan lady right after my church, I drove to her place. She was super nice and really down to earth.



Later on, we had planned to meet up with my cousins for lunch. We went to this Indian Chinese restaurant ( can’t remember the name)  in Scarborough and the food was amazing.

Just before we come back to Montreal. We had a quick tour in the heart of Toronto. Since I had two shoots one after the other one, we didn’t have too much time to visit more places.  We were able to go nearby CN Tower only.



These two days were hectic, but huge thanks to my mom who supports me and made this trip worth it.  Even with all the driving and waiting, she didn’t complain about and patiently let me work.  Without her, nothing would be possible.

Last year’s trip : Toronto and Me


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