Round trip – Toronto


Overdue post about my trip to Toronto last summer.

As we were planning to go to Boston with my family, we decided to cancel this year’s round trip to Toronto.  But as I was discussing with my friend, we came up with the idea to do a collaboration shoot in Toronto, so I said why not! I discussed with my mom and she encouraged me to give it a try.  So we decided to go to Toronto for a day or two and I can do my collab as well. I wanted to expand my photography services in Toronto also.  I didn’t want to miss any opportunity.

DSC_5359 (2)

I contacted few people on Instagram and I was able to organize it and I  had two shoots ready for the both Saturday and Sunday. Even though I was staying for two days only, I wanted to use both days.

The day I reached Toronto I had a shoot with Thanusha and Sinthuja Let’s Collab! -TORONTO EDITION and they were amazing. After a long drive and a long shoot day, we went to my aunt’s house, stayed there a bit.



In the evening, were supposed to meet up with my friend who lives and my sister wanted to go this cafe called Poop Cafe. So what I did is; I took both my sister and my friend to the cafe, which my friend loved it as well as my sister.

The next day,  I had the chance to shoot with Tia Tia Bhuva – The Cancan lady right after my church, I drove to her place. She was super nice and really down to earth.



Later on, we had planned to meet up with my cousins for lunch. We went to this Indian Chinese restaurant ( can’t remember the name)  in Scarborough and the food was amazing.

Just before we come back to Montreal. We had a quick tour in the heart of Toronto. Since I had two shoots one after the other one, we didn’t have too much time to visit more places.  We were able to go nearby CN Tower only.



These two days were hectic, but huge thanks to my mom who supports me and made this trip worth it.  Even with all the driving and waiting, she didn’t complain about and patiently let me work.  Without her, nothing would be possible.

Last year’s trip : Toronto and Me






Hey guys! I have been all over the place in the past months, I was not able to keep up with the blogging and I am holding few secrets that I can’t wait to share with you guys soon! This year was a blessing for me and especially I met incredible people throughout the year. I am so blessed.  When I thought I should stop collaborations until next summer, another opportunity knocked at my door.

When Bindiya contacted me on Instagram for a collab shoot with a bridal theme in mind I said yes right away. Because I didn’t want to miss any opportunity to grow. Since I was not organizing the shoot, It was one less tension for me.  And Bindiya got everything together so well.

We had our Kiran to model for stunning Sukhman Designer’s outfit and jewelry and makeup was amazingly done by Samini from Bindilooks. And not to forget the stunning henna by Bindiya.

How gorgeous is Kiran ?

As expected, it was raining that day, so we had done half of our shoot indoor and the rest outdoor. But I must say, all the pictures turned out so well. Big thanks to the whole team. It is always about the whole team effort.

I must say that I have no regrets accepting this collaboration shoot.

Thank you Bindiya for choosing me and I am blessed with the bond we have together as we support each other in our respective work.

May this friendship continue with lot more collaboration shoots together and with lot more love and support. Meeting you was not an accident, Bindiya.

DSC_7460 (21)








The Forest Queens


After the successful shoot entitled The Forest Queens I didn’t want to delay much with my blog post.

DSC_6922 (22)


A few months ago, I contacted Vaany initially for a collab shoot with a traditional look in mind and she was really interested with. I met Vaany at a previous collab shoot I had with Jennifer from Her’s Only Jewelry. I was looking for the right theme to be working with her. When I contacted, I had a different theme for her and she was very much excited, as we were talking we got the second model: Athulya and the makeup Artist; Tharshana whom she worked with both of them on a fashion show. I was responsible to get a sponsor for the clothing. Later on, I messaged NKT Boutique and she agreed to team up with us.



To make things easier, we created a group to discuss the shoot and anything related to it. As we were sharing our ideas, we came up with the dhoti style draping inspired by SINCITYNATION, Toronto. which we all really liked and agreed.

As the shooting day was near, we decided to meet up with NKT Boutique’s Niro and see the sarees for the shoot. It was my first time meeting Niro and Vaany for the 2nd time and it just clicked between us, we were just sitting there and talking about each other’s future plans and goals. It was us, three girls, getting together while encouraging and motivating each other to reach our next goal and passion


On the day of the shoot, I met Tharshana and Athulya. They were all really friendly and We had an amazing shoot with tons of pictures to edit because both models killed the shoot with their skills and not to forget about the amazing makeup.


This shoot was very special to me, as for I met amazing people with positive vibes who encourage and support each other. I think this shoot was successful because I had the chance to make new friends along the way also the shoot was a great success

Thank you, girls, for the wonderful teamwork which is the secret of the shoot’s success.


Makeup @beauty_by_tharshana

Models @athulya_ben @vaanykrishna  


Draping Vaany
Clothing @nktboutique

Inspired by @sincitynation

Photography @shiinecreativemedia

Tia Bhuva – The Cancan lady


DSC_5114 (22)

During my mini trip to Toronto, I had the opportunity to work with the one and only beautiful Tia Bhuva: the lady who re-invented the cancan saree drape. And of course, her very supportive husband who was there throughout her whole shoot. Tia; cake taster in the day and a fashion entrepreneur.  In the world of fashion, where there is a constant change in style and trend, she made her way out and established her own trademark through social media.


She is such a down to earth person, I wish I had spent more time with her. It was fun shooting with her.  She had her makeup done by Thiso Makeup, who is as adorable as Tia. She also had her video shoot by Stera Studios for her social media sites.  Tia had some good jewelry selection for her shoot from JemsbyAbi. Even though she had planned two or three outfits, I was only able to shoot one of the outfit.


When I first contacted, I was hesitating because I was not sure if she would want to work with me or not. I was doubting myself. But I did message her; there is no harm in trying it. To my surprise, she answered me back and she was excited to work with me. I was really happy.  And a week before the shoot I messaged here if we were still on with the shoot and she told me yes. However, the day of the photo shoot, I had a very tight schedule and I was planning to come to Montreal that evening.  I had only two hours or so to shoot. I explained my situation to the team and they were really supportive and let me take few pictures. It was a pleasure meeting them and working with them as well.  I hope to meet them again for more projects in the future.



It was just about positive people getting together to create magic, inspire each other and complimenting their respective art and produces a final product to change the world. It is inspiring how everyone supports each other to showcase their ideas and goals through their own vision.


DSC_5149 (21)






Purchase her cancan skirt at 

follow her on TiaBhuva

MAKE UP ThisoMakeup

JEWELRY  GemsbyAbi  (statement necklace) & Mayil London (waist chain)

VIDEO Stera Studio


DSC_5117 (21)

Throwback 2016


                 Most of the time, I celebrate New Years at church with my family. Starting the Year with laughter and lot of food, of course, I would sleep till noon and eat all day. My mom used to tell me the way we start the year will be the same throughout that year. as far as I can remember she was right, that’s what I end up doing the whole year: eating and sleeping.

What I have achieved in 2016!

I can recall few things that I am proud of myself. In fact, I finished my studies in July while working full time (40h/week). I decided to work on my long lost passion: Photography and I also discovered a new passion for writing. It made me realize that I was capable of doing something if I was really willing to do it. Somehow, I got the chance to do few photo shoot.  I Likewise,  I went back to Sri Lanka: one of the craziest trips so far. You can read about my trip: One country! two months! Twenty-five cities!  Moreover, I even started to write small fictive stories and I love it. My ever first story is: THE PROPOSAL 

” One can not achieve anything if did not start work for it”

 I loved writing about the diverse subject at school and I was somehow good at it even though English is my third language.  I wanted to do something that made me happy.  But I was confused; how to start and where to start. I liked the idea of starting my own blog since I was already writing one from one of my classes with my classmates, but  I was scared if I would find audiences for my blog; you had to be popular to get followers and readers. On the other hand, I didn’t know what to write about, so  I went through some popular blogs to get ideas and it was all about stuff they liked, but what do I like? That was my question!  YES! OF COURSE! PHOTOGRAPHY ! So I decided to combine writing and photography together and eventually started my blog.

Happy or not!

There are few things that I wish that happened differently, but everything has its own timing and everything happens for a reason. However, I am not complaining because I had the chance to learn and focus on something that I love and enjoy doing.  I am pretty happy with what I have done in 2016. I hope the best in the years to come.  My aim is to open my own photo studio in the future and I am working on that dream slowly but surely.

What I learned in 2016


Thank you for all your love and support.I hope you enjoyed reading my blog throughout 2016 and I look forward to have a best year ahead

-Suki Nathan