Round trip – Toronto


Overdue post about my trip to Toronto last summer.

As we were planning to go to Boston with my family, we decided to cancel this year’s round trip to Toronto.  But as I was discussing with my friend, we came up with the idea to do a collaboration shoot in Toronto, so I said why not! I discussed with my mom and she encouraged me to give it a try.  So we decided to go to Toronto for a day or two and I can do my collab as well. I wanted to expand my photography services in Toronto also.  I didn’t want to miss any opportunity.

DSC_5359 (2)

I contacted few people on Instagram and I was able to organize it and I  had two shoots ready for the both Saturday and Sunday. Even though I was staying for two days only, I wanted to use both days.

The day I reached Toronto I had a shoot with Thanusha and Sinthuja Let’s Collab! -TORONTO EDITION and they were amazing. After a long drive and a long shoot day, we went to my aunt’s house, stayed there a bit.



In the evening, were supposed to meet up with my friend who lives and my sister wanted to go this cafe called Poop Cafe. So what I did is; I took both my sister and my friend to the cafe, which my friend loved it as well as my sister.

The next day,  I had the chance to shoot with Tia Tia Bhuva – The Cancan lady right after my church, I drove to her place. She was super nice and really down to earth.



Later on, we had planned to meet up with my cousins for lunch. We went to this Indian Chinese restaurant ( can’t remember the name)  in Scarborough and the food was amazing.

Just before we come back to Montreal. We had a quick tour in the heart of Toronto. Since I had two shoots one after the other one, we didn’t have too much time to visit more places.  We were able to go nearby CN Tower only.



These two days were hectic, but huge thanks to my mom who supports me and made this trip worth it.  Even with all the driving and waiting, she didn’t complain about and patiently let me work.  Without her, nothing would be possible.

Last year’s trip : Toronto and Me




I had the opportunity to do a collaboration with talented girls in Toronto. It was my first time meeting them all but felt like I’ve known them since before. When women empower others, great things happen. The girls are amazingly talented and I just wish them nothing but the best in their future projects.

When I decided to go for my usual trip to Toronto, I thought about a collab but I didn’t have any proper contact. I contacted TieTheThali members and they were able to share on their Insta-story about the collab. Later that day, Thadsha contacted me. We had to find models and sponsors for outfit and jewelry.

Thadsha had someone two models in mind, unfortunately, one of them could not make it on that day. I did a little bit of research, thanks to my cousin, as per as my request she posted on her Instagram and one of her friends contacted me.

We had our models: Sinthuja and Thanusha

Now time to look for sponsors; I went through about 20 online stores, none of them were able to coop with the dates.  Luckily, I saw one beautiful saree from Little Princess Saree. I messaged her and she was able to collab with us.  It was such a relief for me. And for the jewelry, I messaged Bristina from BoutiquebyBristina and her answer was so positive, she told me I can pass anytime to get the jewels. It was just like a mission to accomplish.

After so much hurdle, as a team, we completed the shoot and I am very happy with the outcome.

DSC_4790 (22)









DSC_4761 (22)


DSC_4843 (21)

DSC_4960 (21)






DSC_4896 (21)


Outfit: Littleprincesssaree


Make up: Beautybythakshaa

Model: Thanusha & Sinthuja

Jewelry: BoutiquebyBristina

One-stop South Asian inspiration :TieTheThali

I am definitely open to collab shoots! DM me on my official Instagram page! the link below!

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Toronto and Me

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I went to Toronto more than hundred time in my life. We would go to visit families or bring our family who had visited us to Toronto. It is always exciting to visit the industrial city. It is in fact like travelling to another country, since Canada is big enough to feel like different part of Canada is like is a different country. Last Summer in 2016, I visited the beautiful city once again. But this time it was different from my previous visits. And it was once again another trip to remember.

My mom and I had planned to drive to Toronto just for the love of road trips, we didn’t have anything, in particular, to do or attend. We just wanted to go somewhere and come back home a few days later. As we usually travel to the States, since we didn’t get the chance to go. We decided to go to Toronto and we had visited few places that we didn’t go on our previous trip. Here are some of the many pictures from our trip last summer.


Floral Highlight: Canadian Flag located on the 401 hill -Belleville, Ontario, Canada


Absolute Wolrd: A Residential condominiums twin tower skyscraper complex located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


8Gooderham Building: historical landmark In Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Located at 49 Wellington St.East. Built in 1892.



The Big Apple, Colborne, Ontario, Canada. Roadside attraction including a restaurant and a bakery.

Thousand Island, Ontario, Canada


St-Lawrence Public Market: Old District, Toronto, Ontario, Canada