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We are a Montreal based photography service. We serve different communities in Montreal for more than five years. Our team consists of photographers, album designers, event planners, and editors. We cover two categories of events; private and corporate. We set up a brand in 2016 as one of the first Tamil female photographer based in-town.

One of our goals is to capture unique moments and promote small and medium businesses and give back to the community through our photography. Our brand strongly believes in a healthy relationship with the clients.

Found by Suki Nathan, a noble female photographer of SHiiNECREATIVEMEDIA. She is a self-taught photographer and she also holds a certificate in Public Relations and Communication from McGill.

Driven by passion for photography, she captures beautiful memories through her lenses and vision. She believes that every picture has a story behind. Being behind a camera is nothing new to her as she was always around a camera since her young age.

Corporates events:

Business:  To support and encourage other entrepreneurs

  • Networking
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Parties
  • After-party

Fashion:  To widen our horizon

  • Trend
  • Vendors
  • Shows

Private events

Wedding: To capture the most memorable moment in a union of two families becoming one.

  • Engagement
  • Pre-wedding events
  • Wedding / Reception


To witness the bonding within the family

  • Birthdays
  • Portraits
  • Maternity
  • Children


Capture unique moments that last forever.

Able to help small businesses promote their product/services through my photography.

Plan, organize and execute events and shoots/

Help various non-profit organizations/

A healthy relationship with clients.

About Us.


Raminder Weds Suman


Wedding season is loved by all, where we get to dress up, dance and party. But it is not always the same for the one who organizes and celebrate their wedding. There are so many things to go through; all the planning, the vendors, the venue. It is totally different when you are part of the wedding as a guest and also as a photographer. You see the whole event in a different point of view.

I was very excited and very nervous when my best friend approached me to be the photographer for her cousin’s wedding which was one month away from the day she told me ( May 2017). Until that day, I haven’t covered any big events such as a wedding. I asked my friend if she was sure about her decision and she was so cool about it. I couldn’t sleep, even though I was happy, I was so nervous.

DSC_1901 (31)

Moreover, I was her guest as well, I didn’t know how it was going to be. Trust me, guys, It felt like I achieved a big record, And not to forget about the fact that it was a three-day wedding, where I was part of it for every single day ( as a guest and photographer). And to work on the same days, except the wedding day (Saturday). I needed a vacation already.

But, it was a great experience and I can’t thank my friend, Aman enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity, which I will never forget for the rest of my life. I think she trusted me more than I trusted myself, I was very hesitant about covering the wedding since it once a life moment for the wedded couple and the family, which I didn’t want to mess is up. When I saw all the photos one by one, even I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I told myself, I was actually better than I thought. All I needed was a little trust in myself and go with the flow for the events. I am satisfied with the fact that I did my best and it was a learning experience for me.





How stunning is my bride?


DSC_2886 (21)

DSC_2681 (21)


Thank you so much, Aman, for the love and the trust you had.

And not to forget about my first EVER gorgeous bride. Thank you for posing for my camera, even though with all the hectic that day.