Another year filled with amazing shoots that I did. Most of them are new faces and some you may have recognized them from all my previous shoot. They are the one who has my heart and I never get tired of having them in my feeds. Thank you for all your love and support. Keep supporting me on another venture filled with more shoots to come.




In the beginning of the year I’ve set myself some goals in order to achieve them; like shoot more than the previous year. Honestly, I did not achieve all of them but I did achieve few things that wasn’t even on my list such registering my business, apply to that course. There are few things I wish I had done differently but I am not regretting anything. This year has been a year filled with emotions and thoughts and like I had mentioned, filled with experiences and learning.

I’ve started of the year with my dream team: Vaany and Tharshana. In fact we started off together in our respective work few years ago and I’m happy to be part of this hardworking and dedicated team. I’ve seen them grow over the year and we lifted up each other in our hardest times and we cheered up at our biggest achievements. I had the chance to organize a brand new fashion show

Throughout this year, I lost the real reason behind why I started photography and it led me into depression and I was stressed about not achieving my goal. Later, I realized why I had really started off photography: passion, but nothing else. I refocused my goals and got back on track. Moreover, looking at all the social media accounts did not help me, but I started to really focus on my life and not to bother about all illusions that social media give you. Not only, I almost gave up on my passion but I did not bother about my health, which led me to another breakdown. One of my goals in the upcoming year, is to take care of my health, shoot more and of course write more.

Over a decade…

From dropping out from college to successfully owning a business close to my heart. Its something that I never thought of. Over this decade, I am proud to say that I have achieved lot of things and I don’t regret any of my mistakes and I’ve learned a lot from them. Ten years ago, I was still struggling to be finish my studies. Here I am now holding a certificate from McGill and owning a business close to my heart. I’ve met beautiful people and whom I cherish every moment with them. I’ve lost few friends but I’ve gained true ones. Meeting my husband a decade ago was not an accident. And to say that I’ve been waiting for him and been in a long distance relationship for 8 years; who would have believed me. When you know he is the one, the distance doesn’t matter. I’ve explored Sri Lanka in a whole and visited England with him. Been traveling back and forth to the States with the family. This past years has been a roller coaster but it has brought me a lot of good memories.

I honestly can’t wait to see how 2020 is going to be. looking forward meeting new people,plan and execute new projects. -Suki Nathan

About Us



Where Art Collaborates

We are a Montreal based photography service. We serve different communities in Montreal for more than five years. Our team consists of photographers, album designers, event planners, and editors. We cover two categories of events; private and corporate. We set up a brand in 2016 as one of the first Tamil female photographer based in-town.

One of our goals is to capture unique moments and promote small and medium businesses and give back to the community through our photography. Our brand strongly believes in a healthy relationship with the clients.

Found by Suki Nathan, a noble female photographer of SHiiNECREATIVEMEDIA. She is a self-taught photographer and she also holds a certificate in Public Relations and Communication from McGill.

Driven by passion for photography, she captures beautiful memories through her lenses and vision. She believes that every picture has a story behind. Being behind a camera is nothing new to her as she was always around a camera since her young age.

Corporates events:

Business:  To support and encourage other entrepreneurs

  • Networking
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Parties
  • After-party

Fashion:  To widen our horizon

  • Trend
  • Vendors
  • Shows

Private events

Wedding: To capture the most memorable moment in a union of two families becoming one.

  • Engagement
  • Pre-wedding events
  • Wedding / Reception


To witness the bonding within the family

  • Birthdays
  • Portraits
  • Maternity
  • Children


Capture unique moments that last forever.

Able to help small businesses promote their product/services through my photography.

Plan, organize and execute events and shoots/

Help various non-profit organizations/

A healthy relationship with clients.

About Us.

Giving back by Jananie B.


Social Media is a big platform where you can share your thoughts, moments, projects and events. It is a community, sometimes we call it a social family. You make friends, inspire others or even get inspired. With all the positives aspects of the social media platform,  we are inspired by different ways.

This one event on social media that had struck my attention last year was “Palm Roots”, a charity event to give back to our homeland. Held by Jananie Baskaran from Toronto. She was such an inspiration and when I contacted her she was very friendly and liked the idea. 

Jananie Baskaran was born in the Middle East and migrated to Canada in the early 2000s. She holds a degree in Health Science and works for UHN in Toronto and she also works for her own photography business called Called 3D Media, where she offers commercial and fashion photography services. Other than photography, she likes to read, mostly non-fiction and obsessed with movies and film-making. If she is not taking photos, we know where to find her; her living room either reading books or watching movies.

We often think how can we give back to our homeland? We don’t know where to start such as we don’t have the proper support, the proper tools. Moreover, the financial part plays a big role.

 And she is back for the fifth time in a row with another  PR2018. This year we will see many other artists point of view along with hers. Their work will be displayed at her next exhibition on the 4th of Nov 2018. If you are in town, do not miss this amazing event held by Jananie Baskaran.


What’s behind Palm Roots?

The intention of Palm Roots is to create a bridge that connects the Tamil community in Toronto with the community in Sri Lanka, especially in the North and East. It’s a way to remind the younger generation to always give back and support our community in our homeland, no matter how successful they become.  

Where did you get this idea?

Palm Roots was initiated after my first trip to Jaffna in 2013 when I saw the present condition of Tamils specifically in the North, even after the so called “end” of the 25-year war that took place in Sri Lanka. We are blessed with so many privileges in our lives, that we tend to take for granted. Whereas, the community in North/East Sri Lanka is still facing a constant struggle to afford basic necessities like food, shelter, education etc. I felt that it was my responsibility to make sure that my community in North/East Sri Lanka were able to get back on their two feet and have a better future than what their generations have gone through in the past.

Who supported/helped you during this travel?

It has always been my family. The trips I’ve gone on so far have been with my parents and brother. They have been so supportive of this initiative and always make sure we visit places where we can learn more about the history of all the places we visit – especially in Jaffna.

What is your long and short term goals?

So far, I think I have been achieving the short term goals I’ve had in mind for Palm Roots – which is to help children have easier access to education by providing them with funds or support in any way, to continue schooling. My long-term goal has been to create a brand for myself and to make sure that photography is appreciated for its true value. Another long-term goal would be to ensure that children in North/East Sri Lanka grow up to become well-educated leaders who are confident enough to represent our identity on bigger platforms and fight for their rights in an ethical way. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I would love to continue seeking charities and following up with the ones I’ve worked with so far to make sure that the children supported by Palm Roots are continuing to get the support they require through Palm Roots and other sources as well.

Are you planning to do one next year?

As of now, I can’t predict what next year holds. Organizing an event like Palm Roots is a tedious but worthy effort. In addition to organizing the event itself, it also includes all the background work that usually isn’t considered. This includes travelling, visiting and photographing places or moments that people would be interested in purchasing for their homes/offices, choosing photos, editing, printing/framing, executing the event and then taking care of funds and ensuring that it reaches reliable charities who are in desperate need to help people. It takes a ton of effort to put together the event every year while balancing my full-time career as well – so let’s see how things go!

What is your future plan? And Why?

I haven’t been a person to have a 5-year or 10-year goal or have everything planned out for my future. Life has its way of presenting obstacles and blessings my way at the most unpredictable times. So I’ve tried my best to go with the flow and take things as they come. It’s the best way to make sure you’re ready to conquer your battles on a daily basis while appreciating the things and people you have in your life at the moment because you can never predict if they will remain tomorrow.

Who is your inspiration?

I have always been inspired by Princess Diana. I continue to look up to her for being the beautiful, graceful woman she was, regardless of how people in her environment treated her and for her unconditional passion for helping the less fortunate.  It’s hard to believe that she passed away more than twenty years ago but still remains a huge inspiration to many, including myself.

What would you like to say to the older and younger generation?

My sincere request to the older generation would be to support the efforts that the younger generation is putting into art forms they are passionate about.

Art is something our community has always looked at as a hobby or a side job and never as a career. But there are many artists who are proving that success in the arts can be achieved as long as passion, hard work and luck exist. I would love to see more individuals from the older generation participate in events organized by the younger gen and be more supportive to artists of our generation. Every individual is a star in his or her own way. All they need is encouragement and support to find their passion and continue to aim for success. I have been extremely blessed to have the support of so many people for Palm Roots so far and hope it continues to grow.

To the younger generation: I think it’s our responsibility to find something we are truly passionate about and pursue our dreams regardless of who chooses to support us or not. Many times, I see individuals who are extremely talented but choose not to act on their skills because they expect opportunities to find them or use the older generation’s lack of support as an excuse for their fear of failure. Many spend time criticizing what another person is doing to achieve success instead of focusing on their own path to success. People always recognize those who hustle so continue to pursue your dreams and work hard to succeed; the support and respect will come to you on its own. Failure or success – it all starts with the decisions you make, so choose wisely!

Who would you like to thank?

There are so many individuals who have continued to support me throughout the journey of Palm Roots so far. I would definitely need to thank my family, friends, community members/media for their ongoing support and positivity. Specifically I’d like to take this opportunity to thank three individuals who have been a huge pillar of strength since my first event in 2013 – Gary Anandasangaree, Thiva Paramsothy who have been my mentors for many years now and Shaji Nada, CEO of Ideal Group and his team for their continuous support with Palm Roots. In proud to partner up with their team for Palm Roots 2018 and will always be grateful for their motivation to continue pursuing my dreams.


PHOTO CREDITS: Ninaivukal, Puthinam Media




Looking back at 2017!

When I started professional photography in 2016 right after my studies, I never expected this response. I am yet so far to achieve all my goals, but 2017 was a great year.  It was not only a hobby but a love for photography.

DSC_9617 (2)


We should not just sit and look at your phone waiting for someone to call for events. That’s easy, right? But it doesn’t work like that. You have to go and reach out to people, expose your work and create content to attract them and make yourself available and easy to communicate!

I opened my Instagram page in 2015 and I was just posting pictures once in a while, whenever I was traveling or so. One of my close friends told me that I should keep my IG page active and post at least one post per day, I was like I barely have time to do anything. But, I took her advice seriously and started posting pictures and kept my page active. We even did a collab shoot with her, which is also my very first collaboration back in 2016 with Jennifer from Her’s Only Handmade Jewelry  And since then, my page didn’t stop growing.DSC_0071 (2)


Collaboration in the social media business is working with other entrepreneurs with different skills and promoting each other’s work.

Even though my first collaboration was with Her’s Only Handmade Jewelry back in 2016, only a year after, out of a random conversation my friend & I decided to do a shoot, it is none other than Anne from SUN-KISSED make up by Hareen.

But I was still hesitating about doing collaborations but when Jennifer called me in during her shoots with her model I didn’t refuse the opportunity. HO PHOTOSHOOT That is when I realized that I didn’t lose anything but promoting each other and networking was the main idea of collaborations.

My next collab shoots were in Toronto which I mentioned about in Round-trip – Toronto. Later on, I contacted Vaany, one of the girls from HO PHOTOSHOOT: and decided to do a shoot which The Forest Queens turned out to be a success.  I got the chance to meet amazing people throughout all the collaborations, like NKTBoutique, Bindiya from Hennabybindiya who did the henna for THE BRIDAL LOOK, Vaany; professional model and many others.


Apart from birthdays party, my biggest event was covering a three-day Punjabi wedding, Raminder Weds Suman Trust me, boy! I was nervous and anxious. Forever grateful to my best friend who believed in me and booked me right away for her cousin’s wedding. It was one of the best experience ever.

Within a year I covered from a baby shower, birthday parties and a wedding, it was a pleasure for me to be part of all these events.

DSC_9642 (2)

2017 was a great year.It took me time to realize that I shouldn’t be waiting for the opportunities to knock at your door, but you have to make your own way out and create each and every opportunity… I met some amazing people through collaborations and events who became very close personally and professionally. When I started back in 2016, I had no idea how it was going to be. But now I know, I did accomplish something throughout this year, but it is only the beginning and yet more to come. I am stepping into another year, with a lot of dreams and goals to be accomplished. With a lot of projects in the upcoming year that I am excited to share with you. With no regrets, I can tell that I am proud of myself.

Thank you, everyone, for all your love & support. Without your support, I am nowhere.

Suki Nathan-





Hey guys! I have been all over the place in the past months, I was not able to keep up with the blogging and I am holding few secrets that I can’t wait to share with you guys soon! This year was a blessing for me and especially I met incredible people throughout the year. I am so blessed.  When I thought I should stop collaborations until next summer, another opportunity knocked at my door.

When Bindiya contacted me on Instagram for a collab shoot with a bridal theme in mind I said yes right away. Because I didn’t want to miss any opportunity to grow. Since I was not organizing the shoot, It was one less tension for me.  And Bindiya got everything together so well.

We had our Kiran to model for stunning Sukhman Designer’s outfit and jewelry and makeup was amazingly done by Samini from Bindilooks. And not to forget the stunning henna by Bindiya.

How gorgeous is Kiran ?

As expected, it was raining that day, so we had done half of our shoot indoor and the rest outdoor. But I must say, all the pictures turned out so well. Big thanks to the whole team. It is always about the whole team effort.

I must say that I have no regrets accepting this collaboration shoot.

Thank you Bindiya for choosing me and I am blessed with the bond we have together as we support each other in our respective work.

May this friendship continue with lot more collaboration shoots together and with lot more love and support. Meeting you was not an accident, Bindiya.

DSC_7460 (21)








The Forest Queens


After the successful shoot entitled The Forest Queens I didn’t want to delay much with my blog post.

DSC_6922 (22)


A few months ago, I contacted Vaany initially for a collab shoot with a traditional look in mind and she was really interested with. I met Vaany at a previous collab shoot I had with Jennifer from Her’s Only Jewelry. I was looking for the right theme to be working with her. When I contacted, I had a different theme for her and she was very much excited, as we were talking we got the second model: Athulya and the makeup Artist; Tharshana whom she worked with both of them on a fashion show. I was responsible to get a sponsor for the clothing. Later on, I messaged NKT Boutique and she agreed to team up with us.



To make things easier, we created a group to discuss the shoot and anything related to it. As we were sharing our ideas, we came up with the dhoti style draping inspired by SINCITYNATION, Toronto. which we all really liked and agreed.

As the shooting day was near, we decided to meet up with NKT Boutique’s Niro and see the sarees for the shoot. It was my first time meeting Niro and Vaany for the 2nd time and it just clicked between us, we were just sitting there and talking about each other’s future plans and goals. It was us, three girls, getting together while encouraging and motivating each other to reach our next goal and passion


On the day of the shoot, I met Tharshana and Athulya. They were all really friendly and We had an amazing shoot with tons of pictures to edit because both models killed the shoot with their skills and not to forget about the amazing makeup.


This shoot was very special to me, as for I met amazing people with positive vibes who encourage and support each other. I think this shoot was successful because I had the chance to make new friends along the way also the shoot was a great success

Thank you, girls, for the wonderful teamwork which is the secret of the shoot’s success.


Makeup @beauty_by_tharshana

Models @athulya_ben @vaanykrishna  


Draping Vaany
Clothing @nktboutique

Inspired by @sincitynation

Photography @shiinecreativemedia

Tia Bhuva – The Cancan lady


DSC_5114 (22)

During my mini trip to Toronto, I had the opportunity to work with the one and only beautiful Tia Bhuva: the lady who re-invented the cancan saree drape. And of course, her very supportive husband who was there throughout her whole shoot. Tia; cake taster in the day and a fashion entrepreneur.  In the world of fashion, where there is a constant change in style and trend, she made her way out and established her own trademark through social media.


She is such a down to earth person, I wish I had spent more time with her. It was fun shooting with her.  She had her makeup done by Thiso Makeup, who is as adorable as Tia. She also had her video shoot by Stera Studios for her social media sites.  Tia had some good jewelry selection for her shoot from JemsbyAbi. Even though she had planned two or three outfits, I was only able to shoot one of the outfit.


When I first contacted, I was hesitating because I was not sure if she would want to work with me or not. I was doubting myself. But I did message her; there is no harm in trying it. To my surprise, she answered me back and she was excited to work with me. I was really happy.  And a week before the shoot I messaged here if we were still on with the shoot and she told me yes. However, the day of the photo shoot, I had a very tight schedule and I was planning to come to Montreal that evening.  I had only two hours or so to shoot. I explained my situation to the team and they were really supportive and let me take few pictures. It was a pleasure meeting them and working with them as well.  I hope to meet them again for more projects in the future.



It was just about positive people getting together to create magic, inspire each other and complimenting their respective art and produces a final product to change the world. It is inspiring how everyone supports each other to showcase their ideas and goals through their own vision.


DSC_5149 (21)






Purchase her cancan skirt at www.tiabhuva.com 

follow her on TiaBhuva

MAKE UP ThisoMakeup

JEWELRY  GemsbyAbi  (statement necklace) & Mayil London (waist chain)

VIDEO Stera Studio


DSC_5117 (21)



I had the opportunity to do a collaboration with talented girls in Toronto. It was my first time meeting them all but felt like I’ve known them since before. When women empower others, great things happen. The girls are amazingly talented and I just wish them nothing but the best in their future projects.

When I decided to go for my usual trip to Toronto, I thought about a collab but I didn’t have any proper contact. I contacted TieTheThali members and they were able to share on their Insta-story about the collab. Later that day, Thadsha contacted me. We had to find models and sponsors for outfit and jewelry.

Thadsha had someone two models in mind, unfortunately, one of them could not make it on that day. I did a little bit of research, thanks to my cousin, as per as my request she posted on her Instagram and one of her friends contacted me.

We had our models: Sinthuja and Thanusha

Now time to look for sponsors; I went through about 20 online stores, none of them were able to coop with the dates.  Luckily, I saw one beautiful saree from Little Princess Saree. I messaged her and she was able to collab with us.  It was such a relief for me. And for the jewelry, I messaged Bristina from BoutiquebyBristina and her answer was so positive, she told me I can pass anytime to get the jewels. It was just like a mission to accomplish.

After so much hurdle, as a team, we completed the shoot and I am very happy with the outcome.

DSC_4790 (22)









DSC_4761 (22)


DSC_4843 (21)

DSC_4960 (21)






DSC_4896 (21)


Outfit: Littleprincesssaree

website https://lpsarees.com

Make up: Beautybythakshaa

Model: Thanusha & Sinthuja

Jewelry: BoutiquebyBristina

One-stop South Asian inspiration :TieTheThali

I am definitely open to collab shoots! DM me on my official Instagram page! the link below!

Instagram page