2021- Another year to remember!

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2021 was another year, where we had to face many challenges. Yet, another year I focused on myself. Every year, my goal is to live each day and never expect anything in return. Despite all the struggles and the restless journey, I was able to accomplish many things. Changed my career, celebrating a successfull business and completing my dream project.

With the global pandemic hitting its 2nd year, it was not an easy year, to begin with. the first few months were slow. But it didn’t stop me from doing what I love doing: photography. I was able to focus even more. I tuned up my game in the business. I am a person who doesn’t just wait for opportunities but creates them. Those opportunities opened me up to new ventures, to new people, to new ideas. I can proudly say that 2021 was a success.

2021 was one of the toughest years, I faced as well. I was able to finish my certificate which I enrolled in two years ago. It was my goal and dream to be part of this program. I finished successfully my certificate in Commercial Photography while working full time and handling my side business (photography). It was not easy, but I can definitely say that I MADE IT”. It made me open to new venture such as food photography. Even though, I enjoy people, I also have found a special love for food. I am looking forward to see where it will bring my in the future.

Looking forward to another filled with memorable days and can’t wait to create more .




Looking back at 2017!

When I started professional photography in 2016 right after my studies, I never expected this response. I am yet so far to achieve all my goals, but 2017 was a great year.  It was not only a hobby but a love for photography.

DSC_9617 (2)


We should not just sit and look at your phone waiting for someone to call for events. That’s easy, right? But it doesn’t work like that. You have to go and reach out to people, expose your work and create content to attract them and make yourself available and easy to communicate!

I opened my Instagram page in 2015 and I was just posting pictures once in a while, whenever I was traveling or so. One of my close friends told me that I should keep my IG page active and post at least one post per day, I was like I barely have time to do anything. But, I took her advice seriously and started posting pictures and kept my page active. We even did a collab shoot with her, which is also my very first collaboration back in 2016 with Jennifer from Her’s Only Handmade Jewelry  And since then, my page didn’t stop growing.DSC_0071 (2)


Collaboration in the social media business is working with other entrepreneurs with different skills and promoting each other’s work.

Even though my first collaboration was with Her’s Only Handmade Jewelry back in 2016, only a year after, out of a random conversation my friend & I decided to do a shoot, it is none other than Anne from SUN-KISSED make up by Hareen.

But I was still hesitating about doing collaborations but when Jennifer called me in during her shoots with her model I didn’t refuse the opportunity. HO PHOTOSHOOT That is when I realized that I didn’t lose anything but promoting each other and networking was the main idea of collaborations.

My next collab shoots were in Toronto which I mentioned about in Round-trip – Toronto. Later on, I contacted Vaany, one of the girls from HO PHOTOSHOOT: and decided to do a shoot which The Forest Queens turned out to be a success.  I got the chance to meet amazing people throughout all the collaborations, like NKTBoutique, Bindiya from Hennabybindiya who did the henna for THE BRIDAL LOOK, Vaany; professional model and many others.


Apart from birthdays party, my biggest event was covering a three-day Punjabi wedding, Raminder Weds Suman Trust me, boy! I was nervous and anxious. Forever grateful to my best friend who believed in me and booked me right away for her cousin’s wedding. It was one of the best experience ever.

Within a year I covered from a baby shower, birthday parties and a wedding, it was a pleasure for me to be part of all these events.

DSC_9642 (2)

2017 was a great year.It took me time to realize that I shouldn’t be waiting for the opportunities to knock at your door, but you have to make your own way out and create each and every opportunity… I met some amazing people through collaborations and events who became very close personally and professionally. When I started back in 2016, I had no idea how it was going to be. But now I know, I did accomplish something throughout this year, but it is only the beginning and yet more to come. I am stepping into another year, with a lot of dreams and goals to be accomplished. With a lot of projects in the upcoming year that I am excited to share with you. With no regrets, I can tell that I am proud of myself.

Thank you, everyone, for all your love & support. Without your support, I am nowhere.

Suki Nathan-



I had the opportunity to do a collaboration with talented girls in Toronto. It was my first time meeting them all but felt like I’ve known them since before. When women empower others, great things happen. The girls are amazingly talented and I just wish them nothing but the best in their future projects.

When I decided to go for my usual trip to Toronto, I thought about a collab but I didn’t have any proper contact. I contacted TieTheThali members and they were able to share on their Insta-story about the collab. Later that day, Thadsha contacted me. We had to find models and sponsors for outfit and jewelry.

Thadsha had someone two models in mind, unfortunately, one of them could not make it on that day. I did a little bit of research, thanks to my cousin, as per as my request she posted on her Instagram and one of her friends contacted me.

We had our models: Sinthuja and Thanusha

Now time to look for sponsors; I went through about 20 online stores, none of them were able to coop with the dates.  Luckily, I saw one beautiful saree from Little Princess Saree. I messaged her and she was able to collab with us.  It was such a relief for me. And for the jewelry, I messaged Bristina from BoutiquebyBristina and her answer was so positive, she told me I can pass anytime to get the jewels. It was just like a mission to accomplish.

After so much hurdle, as a team, we completed the shoot and I am very happy with the outcome.

DSC_4790 (22)









DSC_4761 (22)


DSC_4843 (21)

DSC_4960 (21)






DSC_4896 (21)


Outfit: Littleprincesssaree

website https://lpsarees.com

Make up: Beautybythakshaa

Model: Thanusha & Sinthuja

Jewelry: BoutiquebyBristina

One-stop South Asian inspiration :TieTheThali

I am definitely open to collab shoots! DM me on my official Instagram page! the link below!

Instagram page

Raminder Weds Suman


Wedding season is loved by all, where we get to dress up, dance and party. But it is not always the same for the one who organizes and celebrate their wedding. There are so many things to go through; all the planning, the vendors, the venue. It is totally different when you are part of the wedding as a guest and also as a photographer. You see the whole event in a different point of view.

I was very excited and very nervous when my best friend approached me to be the photographer for her cousin’s wedding which was one month away from the day she told me ( May 2017). Until that day, I haven’t covered any big events such as a wedding. I asked my friend if she was sure about her decision and she was so cool about it. I couldn’t sleep, even though I was happy, I was so nervous.

DSC_1901 (31)

Moreover, I was her guest as well, I didn’t know how it was going to be. Trust me, guys, It felt like I achieved a big record, And not to forget about the fact that it was a three-day wedding, where I was part of it for every single day ( as a guest and photographer). And to work on the same days, except the wedding day (Saturday). I needed a vacation already.

But, it was a great experience and I can’t thank my friend, Aman enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity, which I will never forget for the rest of my life. I think she trusted me more than I trusted myself, I was very hesitant about covering the wedding since it once a life moment for the wedded couple and the family, which I didn’t want to mess is up. When I saw all the photos one by one, even I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I told myself, I was actually better than I thought. All I needed was a little trust in myself and go with the flow for the events. I am satisfied with the fact that I did my best and it was a learning experience for me.





How stunning is my bride?


DSC_2886 (21)

DSC_2681 (21)


Thank you so much, Aman, for the love and the trust you had.

And not to forget about my first EVER gorgeous bride. Thank you for posing for my camera, even though with all the hectic that day.







Had the opportunity to work with HER’S ONLY HANDMADE JEWELRY once again and it was another blast meet-up.

Jennifer had her product photo shoot happening in the second week of May and I was able to join at her shoot. Initially scheduled for the first week of May, it was postponed for the week after. It was a hectic day for me as I attended two more events ( house prayer and birthday party) on the same day. But I made it through the day with no complaints.

She had three gorgeous models and it was my first time meeting them, including her best friend.  It is always fun to meet new people and makes some friends and encourages and support each other.  We had a great time, even though I was exhausted at the end of the day.

There is nothing beautiful than women supporting each other and bringing the best out of each and everyone.  Hoping to work with this team yet again, here are few shots from our latest photo shoot.




Model: Safina – Saheda – Vaany





When you have supporting friends, the sky is the limit. I have few friends who are really close my heart and Anne is one of them. I have known her for almost a decade now, but recently only we became very close. She will be one of the first who I would share my projects, my plans, and my dreams and no matter what, she will support me.

Last year, I recollected my portraits –> SHiiNE PORTRAITS 2016 <– and decided to post it on my blog. As usual, I showed to her and she loved it, and casually she said she wants to be part of it for next year and she was very serious about and I said why not? So, we both planned to have a photoshoot, as she was in Toronto, we decided to do the next time, she will come to Montreal. The first time she came, it was a big failure. The second time, she came by was in April, which was my birthday weekend too. So, we did our shoot, I must say it was so easy and fun. It was just amazing working with her as she was so comfortable with me, we both had so much fun.

Here is the lookbook – Part 1- of our first photo shoot.



When you have a gorgeous friend, you can’t resist but plan a photoshoot with her. It was so easy to work with her, she is a born-model.

We had so much fun together- laughter & jokes- never a dull moment with her.

Thank you so much Anne for being an amazing model- this is our first shoot, but not the last- many more to come, you are probably my forever female model.

Thank you Hareen Peduru for making Anne Amalan, even more, prettier than she is.
Outfit : Forever 21  Photography Suki Krishan