The Proposal -Part 4


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    Instead of going home, she stayed in her office room; thinking. She was panicking whether to go or not. she was going out of her mind. She could not make any proper decisions. She was scared but at the same time more and more curious about the unknown person who’s disturbing her.

        – What if it is some kidnapper? Maybe not! Maybe it is! She was confused. She didn’t tell anyone around here. – I would look like a crazy girl!


She decided to go and meet the stranger, she did not want this prank to continue as she can’t concentrate on anything.  She left her office and walked toward Starbucks; just across her office building.

She entered the coffee shop  – I’ve been coming to this place for years and even this morning;  I would have not thought this place would actually give me panic attack one day.

She looked around her, everybody seems to be busy; listening to music, working on their laptops, drinking their coffees, talking to their friends. Strange!  A prank? – I am looking like an idiot without knowing what to do

She went to the counter and ordered her favorite coffee. It was the same person at the counter as this morning. – I hate him: he never writes my name properly. I gave up repeating myself.

She took her coffee and went toward a table. – I will wait 15 minutes if nothing happens I will leave this place and ignores the messages. But who could it be? As she was having many unanswered questions; she looks at her misspelled name. She could not believe her own eyes: – My name was finally written CORRECTLY! As she was reading it for the fifth time she noticed something else under her name.

– I’m glad you came. Enjoy your coffee! and the note ended with a heart !!!!!!!!!!!

Her heart stopped functioning.

As she turned to look at him. He had left the counter.

The moment they met ! The moment she knew ! She knew she was not alone anymore ! She has fallen ! She has fallen in love! Madly in love !

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