It’s time to party!


It has been one year since I started blogging. When I started, I was very nervous and confused about this blogging and everything. I was not sure if it was going to work or not, but I gave it a try. I had shared great stuff with you, even though, I was busy with work and school ( thank God I am done with school)

From day one, I wanted to give something different and new. I don’t know if I kept my words, but I am sure I am happy now. I am happy that I am doing something I like and passionate about.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for supporting and encouraging me on this journey.  I would have not made it so far without you. I have also few people who are close to my heart, who were there for the past year through my up and downs; who didn’t give up on me when the humanity did, who were there to read and listen to my each and every story. You guys know who you are. And you guys are amazing.

I had the chance to work with few people in the past year and do few photoshoots as well. Moreover, I have also started writing mini-series which was appreciated by many of you, I was overwhelmed.

I have many project and ideas for the upcoming months and I can’t wait to share them with you. Despite the time, I will write more and more.

Once again, thank you each and everyone!

Suki Nathan