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JR Raphael


The multinational company Samsung released the newest smartphone last week; the Samsung Galaxy S7. It is powered by the latest Android software, the MARSHMALLOW OS 6.0. Android is an operating system for smartphones developed by Google. In the recent year, Android is one of the main operating systems in the world for the smartphones. Without any compromise, Android’s biggest concurrence is IOS Apple.
Therefore, we use these smartphones and tablets powered by Android or IOS to browse online and focus on different applications available that provide us a faster and quicker way to connect with the world of technology. There are many platforms that allow each and everyone to express and share their thoughts. These platforms are used to express ourselves on various themes and subjects such as fashion, photography, travel and many more. It is possible to find one person in particular who combined technology and writing into one theme. Jr Raphael, from the United States of America, is a blogger who shares his knowledge and diverse social media platform to connect and communicate with his readers and followers around the world.

Jr Raphael is a syndicated blog writer and contributing editor at Computerworld and Infoworld. Syndicated stories are usually short and based on a precise theme and these articles are sold through distribution services via the Internet.  As it is, JR is also part of the syndicated distribution service where his article on Android and its gadgets are sold. He is also the author and writer at AndroidPower. He launched AndroidPower in 2010, where he write about the various subject about Google, but mainly focused on Android smartphones and ‘smart gadgets’.

The digital blogger is predominantly active on social Medias, such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Raphael’s Twitter account is followed by around 12,000 followers. His Google+ accounted has almost 900,000 followers and finally his Facebook page is liked by more than 7,000 people. It is possible to see the number of followers that he has is very high, especially on Google+. Quite simple to guess, his main topic is only about Google and Android, which is the key factor to attract more followers on Google+. Moreover, some of his short articles appeared in The Washington Post,, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

  He also reviews android gadgets and devices in his blog. He has his own website, where it is possible to find his stories from his different social media sources, such as from twitter.  His personal portal is divided into four section: Reviews, Analysis, Tips and Tricks and finally In Depth. These four sections are strictly about Android and Google

When you what you are passioned about, you will never work one day in your life. I am hoping to succeed in what I am really passionate about. I will keep you updated, until then see you with another post soon.