Made with Love


As a girl, I always love to dress up and feel like princesses. Growing up in the Tamil community, we have the chance to wear a lot of traditional outfits at events. Most of the time, we don’t often get the dress we want or the color we want. Luckily we can have our own designs and get them customized. Like any other services, getting the right tailoring place is hard. Sometimes, we don’t always have the choice to go to this specific tailor. I still remember when I used to go a tailor and my mom had to re-do the whole outfit.

Love Couture is a tailoring service based in Montreal. It offers customized tailoring on measurement such as saree blouses, dresses, kids outfits, modern lehengas. This tailoring service is a little bit different from other services. It is equally handled by a mother-daughter duo. Where the daughters take care of the clients, social media branding, marketing and coordinating everything from taking the orders to delivering the products. Meanwhile, the mother takes measurements, confirm the design and stitches and do the final fitting.

What’s behind the name?

Love Couture is simple. It is all about love and connects a mother and God. God is love and a mother’s love is unconditional. Couture is a French word, as they didn’t want to use the word “tailor or tailoring” since everyone was using that to represent themselves. After many suggestions and brainstorming the mother-daughter decided to name their brand Love Couture “Since my mom was a religious person, I wanted something that connects both her and God. We eventually came up with LOVE. A mothers’ every move and dedication toward her home is made with love and only LOVE. And Everything we make is made with love. ”

How long have you been doing this?

There was a time when they were kids I used to make them clothes, like sweaters, t-shirts, and tops. As the kids grew up I have stopped doing. But I was still fixing their outfits if needed, especially the traditional outfits. Two years ago, my daughter wanted me to do tops for her and her kids. I was enjoying making them from scratch, in the beginning, I was just doing it for my daughters. Slowly, my 2nd daughter encouraged me to start taking orders.

What is your specialty?

Since Love Couture is based in the Tamil community, their service includes saree blouses, lehengas, and semi-stiched salwaar. We also do ladies tops and kids wear. They are all made on-measure and customized with the clients’ designs. 


What do you like about your work?

We like the whole process of meeting the client to the fitting of their custom outfit. We always try to limit our client so we don’t have loads of deliveries to do. We like to enjoy the whole process without any pressure. We like the most is when we meet the client and they try on their customized outfit; their feedback is priceless whether is good or bad. When we get negative feedback we learn from it and do better.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-26 at 8.23.36 PM



-In love Couture everything is made with love- 

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