Magog – A vast lake


As you all must know by know that I love road trips. I either plan trips months ahead or I plan to go somewhere the last minute. When it is last minute, I usually go for a day where I can return home by evening.

DSC_4407 (2)

This time, I wanted to go somewhere I have never been, whether crossing the Quebec borders or the Canadian or even stay in Quebec.  I wanted to visit a new random place.  So, I opened Google Map and went through the cities and found this place. I’ve heard about it but never went.

Magog was inhabited by the Abenaki and it means ”The Lake” in their language.  Magog is actually located in the province of Quebec about 120km east of Montreal. has a nice beach with nice views ( as you can see on the pictures above).  It is actually aligned with the Lake Memphremagog which means ” vast lake”

It was a beautiful place to visit. As we decided to do a picnic kind of a trip – no shopping- only sight-seeing.

DSC_4448 (2)As we were eating, we were looking for something to do and we saw a train with passengers, but it was a tourist train, which goes around the lake and the region of Memphremagog. A while after, I found that they had a different kind boat cruise and what struck me was this ship. The tour was about 2 hours as well. It is called L’Escapades Memphremagog. 

It was fun and we enjoyed so much the rides. I would recommend this place to visit and has a lot of fun activities to do, such as fishing, boat rides, beach, cycling, train tours and much more. And it is all in one place. You might need more than a day to do all these activities at Magog.

Until my next road trip…. ENJOY!


3 thoughts on “Magog – A vast lake

  1. வணக்கம் நல்ல ஊர் சுத்திவிங்கபோல நைஸ் place anyway வரும்காலத்தில் நானும் ஊர் சுத்துற ஐடியா இருக்கு


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