When you have supporting friends, the sky is the limit. I have few friends who are really close my heart and Anne is one of them. I have known her for almost a decade now, but recently only we became very close. She will be one of the first who I would share my projects, my plans, and my dreams and no matter what, she will support me.

Last year, I recollected my portraits –> SHiiNE PORTRAITS 2016 <– and decided to post it on my blog. As usual, I showed to her and she loved it, and casually she said she wants to be part of it for next year and she was very serious about and I said why not? So, we both planned to have a photoshoot, as she was in Toronto, we decided to do the next time, she will come to Montreal. The first time she came, it was a big failure. The second time, she came by was in April, which was my birthday weekend too. So, we did our shoot, I must say it was so easy and fun. It was just amazing working with her as she was so comfortable with me, we both had so much fun.

Here is the lookbook – Part 1- of our first photo shoot.



When you have a gorgeous friend, you can’t resist but plan a photoshoot with her. It was so easy to work with her, she is a born-model.

We had so much fun together- laughter & jokes- never a dull moment with her.

Thank you so much Anne for being an amazing model- this is our first shoot, but not the last- many more to come, you are probably my forever female model.

Thank you Hareen Peduru for making Anne Amalan, even more, prettier than she is.
Outfit : Forever 21  Photography Suki Krishan



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