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I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer John founder of HER’S ONLY Handmade Jewelry once again and this time it is more than just for a product photo shoot. I had the chance to interview her.  I have known her for two years and I can tell that she is very sweet and down to earth.

I actually wanted to write a post about her business and we came up with an interview. It is, in fact, the first time that we are both working on interviews even though, I had the pleasure to work with her for her jewelry photo shoots last year.

As we are also passionate both about photography and editing, which we both use for our respective businesses, it was very easy to have a conversation with her. Working full time as Biomedical Lab technologist at the hospital in Montreal, she pursues her passion for pearls at the same time.

“I realized that I have a job to feed my stomach and it’s time for me to have a job to feed my heart. That’s when I began making handmade jewelry and I gradually initiated my home based business.”- Jennifer John

When I asked her how it all started her jewelry journey and how she keeps up with her day -time job. She was overly joyed to say that since she was a kid she wanted to enter the healthcare profession and at the same time she always wanted to work in a place where her creativity will be at its peak and was fascinated about fields that require designing.

One day, one of her co-workers noticed a necklace that she had made a few years ago and she encouraged or even forced Jennifer to make more jewelry so she can share her passion with others. Weekdays are spent in the Lab and as she was always been into designing and creative fields: her weekends are spent making necklaces and bracelets for her loyal clients. Moreover, she takes two weeks off from her day job in order to work on her inventories. She also mentioned that she would like to take this opportunity to thank her. “If she didn’t give me this idea I would’ve never started this journey.”  

DSC_9180 (2)

According to Google, creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Jennifer defines creativity as a form of self-expression and she’s able to explore ideas and to execute them in reality. As seen on her website, she creates unique and personalized jewelry that suits every personality. Despite all the hard work and the time she puts into each of her creation, she likes to share her passion and inspire others to become self-taught home based entrepreneur.

           What is the best of the procedure?

My favorite part of my business is when I get to work with the customers to make customized jewelry. It’s out of my comfort zone, so it’s very challenging but yet interesting.

Talking about her passion, when I asked her about the procedure to create one jewelry, her response was that it always depend on the customization of a jewelry. “Creating a jewelry can take from fifteen minutes to five hours. Designing is the part that requires much time investment. I literally have to take out all my materials and stare at each and every single bead and accessories until I get an idea. Once I get an idea I have to design it in order to create my piece.” 

  • Which one is your favorite jewelry till now or close to your heart?

My favorite jewelry is the very first one I made for my business called “Miss Pearl”. Miss Pearl is a seven layered elegant necklace made with simple off-white pearls.

17916509_10209886601267064_1833730442_o (1)

In the future, her goal is to learn more techniques to make varieties of designs to reach more clients. And she also wants to make her brand renowned in the online jewelry shopping industry. Her biggest challenge was promoting her brand. Fortunately, her family and friends helped in a very old fashioned way whereas she starts selling her first pieces of jewelry in her entourage.  Thereafter, she promoted her products through her social media pages which only increased her sales.

DSC_9212 (2)

 Who would you like to thank and why?

I would like to thank my biggest supporters, my family and friends. They’re always there to give me their feedback and to encourage me all the time.


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I hope you enjoyed reading the article about Her’s Only Handmade Online jewelry store.  I will catch you with another interesting interview.

By Suki Nathan


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