Toronto and Me

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I went to Toronto more than hundred time in my life. We would go to visit families or bring our family who had visited us to Toronto. It is always exciting to visit the industrial city. It is in fact like travelling to another country, since Canada is big enough to feel like different part of Canada is like is a different country. Last Summer in 2016, I visited the beautiful city once again. But this time it was different from my previous visits. And it was once again another trip to remember.

My mom and I had planned to drive to Toronto just for the love of road trips, we didn’t have anything, in particular, to do or attend. We just wanted to go somewhere and come back home a few days later. As we usually travel to the States, since we didn’t get the chance to go. We decided to go to Toronto and we had visited few places that we didn’t go on our previous trip. Here are some of the many pictures from our trip last summer.


Floral Highlight: Canadian Flag located on the 401 hill -Belleville, Ontario, Canada


Absolute Wolrd: A Residential condominiums twin tower skyscraper complex located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


8Gooderham Building: historical landmark In Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Located at 49 Wellington St.East. Built in 1892.



The Big Apple, Colborne, Ontario, Canada. Roadside attraction including a restaurant and a bakery.

Thousand Island, Ontario, Canada


St-Lawrence Public Market: Old District, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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