The Coffee Shop -2


“Long day ahead, but can’t miss a day at the coffee shop. You may wonder why: there is one person who is the reason”

The Coffee Shop Part 1 click here

        Every night I take my phone to dial the number that I had for so long and talk to her but I end up not doing so. I don’t know exactly why this feeling. I never hesitated like this in my life. When I have something in mind, I would execute it without hesitating. DO or DIE POLICY! Despite my self-confidence and my braveness; when it comes to this person, I am the loser of the world.

            I always end up calling my best buddy whom I share everything with. We’ve been through all: secrets, fights and everything else that you can imagine. He thinks I am good for nothing; he doesn’t even want to listen to me anymore. I guess he’s fed up with my drama. Oh well! Since we run a business together; he can’t escape from me that easily.

But he always picks up my calls!

-“What’s up, dude!  Let me guess: you have dialed a number, but end up calling me. Am I right?”

-“Nothing man! I don’t know! I am so nervous all the time.”

-“What’s wrong with you, if you can’t even talk, what the freak are you going to do?”

-“Don’t know! talk to you later.” And I just hung up. I was not able to answer him. I got to do something about it!

           I just sent him a message saying that I will talk to him tomorrow in person.

          And he just replied me “Good Night! let me sleep!”

Sleep? I checked the time and it was almost 2 in the morning. OH GOD! WHAT AN IDIOT! I thought it was like 9 or something.

He must be thinking that I am crazy! Thank God I didn’t call her at this time.

                                          To be continued…



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