Me Myself & My Camera


Why I haven’t thought?  One of the main reason for this blog…How did I miss writing about this topic…

A little bit of history…

Photography was actually found in England by Thomas Wedgwood around 1800. He is the one wrote the theory of the dark room and the exposure of the subject to the light. But, only Nicéphore Niépce officially developed the concept of photography and invented; the world’s oldest surviving photographic process product in 1825: the heliography. And it was commercialized in 1839, which is the official date of the birth of photography worldwide.

Me & My Camera

 Now that recall in my life I have always been carrying a camera with me; school, house parties, outing, dinners. I was the cameraman, oh maybe the camerawoman, well actually the photographer. Recently, I went through my old stuff and I have found cameras and video recorder from different generation lasting more than a decade. From the film rolls to the latest DSLR: I had them all.

Fast forward to 2017! I was into photography and editing since 2008 and I would edit any kind of photos on photoshop (obviously, self-taught) and I love everything about it. I try to take as much as photos as I can ( including selfies ). Likewise, I am learning new stuff every day and I will not stop. As I mentioned in my previous post “Throwback 2016” I wanted to something I always liked it: writing and photography.  It was very hard to come out of my comfort zone and make my dreams come true. It is not easy for a girl who had zero self-confidence and who was struggling financially. But I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life sad.  Here I am now; doing what I like and what makes me happy.


In the future…

I am not really interested in birthdays parties or weddings but I want to be part of business affairs and events and even organizing them. My main idea is to incorporate my photography “skills” into business tactics. I don’t just want to be only the “so called” photographer but also able to help small businesses to promote their products and their vision through my photography. I want to be part of their successful business events and cherish every moment of it through my lens. Moreover, I want my photographies to speak for myself.

Will meet you soon with another post….. By Suki Nathan

SHiiNE Creative Media 

Throwback 2016


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