The Coffee Shop – 1


It has been few years I start working here, I made few good friends. Thanks to the manager, who was my friend, I got the job right away. He was wondering why I was insisting on this posting. Nine to five at the coffee shop and working for my company from home. It is not easy, but I enjoy what I do which makes the work easier. I started my company right after graduating from University.

I kept my personal business a secret at the shop; my coworker knew me as someone who was in desperate need of getting a job to support my family. Even though the manager was my friend,  I made sure he won’t divulge my secret to anybody. Working at the coffee shop was something unexpected but something I will never regret. I enjoyed every single day working here.

Since the coffee shop is at the center of few companies, the shop is always busy, we barely have time to stop for a small chat.

As I entered  –Good Morning guys!

– What’s up ! come and help me, dude! We will talk later! 

I quickly got at the back of the counter and start serving.

I start off my day perfectly until I meet that one person every morning and that’s when my world around me stops working

-To be continued.

Part 2 click here


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