Lets Celebrate with truth.


My dear friends in Christ, as we are celebrating the Ressurection of our Savior Jesus Christ, Some may not have noticed the fact that ”Easter” has nothing to do with the Ressurection day. As we all know, Jesus Christ was born in order to be sacrificed for the sins of mankind. Risen from the death after three days and win over the sins and evils of the world. But why we, Christians call it Easter?

            ” Ishtar”, which is pronounced “Easter” was a day that commemorated the resurrection of one of their gods that they called “Tammuz”, who was believed to be the only begotten son of the moon-goddess and the sun-god.” (The Last Trumpet Ministries) 

Ishtar is known to be the goddess of spring. Adding up the egg as a symbol of fertility goes back to the Egyptians and Persians. This whole thing Easter was actually celebrated with eggs and rabbits, (and why we have commercialized the celebration of the Ressurection of Jesus) . The only way we have to remember Jesus’s sacrifice is through the “breaking the bread” but nothing else.

We can also find the reason for the forty days fasting prior to Passover, which was forty days of sorrow each year for Ishtar to remember the anniversary of Tammuz, including the meat fasting held by all the Catholics. Moreover, in the present time, we relate eggs and bunny during this time of the year. They are also part of the Baal rituals and customs. All these have nothing to do with the Ressurection of our Savior as many would have not even thought the links.

In Acts 12, the word “Easter” is mentioned only in order to refer to King Herod, but not for Christians. As a coincidence, the celebration of the spring and the Ressurection day comes more often on the same day, throughout the year, misled with false and satanic doctrine, we are ended up with a misconception of the real event.

As Christians, our duty is to remember his death and Ressurection through the key message of the gospel and breaking the bread with Jesus. As Christians, we should not be misled by false doctrines and the commercialization of this day. We should also remember that He gave his only Son, to save us from sins and to give us the greatest mercy of all time and Salvation.


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