How many girls are really passionate about cars? How many of them really enjoys driving and rides. What do they know actually?  I am not an encyclopedia of cars, but I JUST LOVE CARS.  Usually, boys are the one who plays the most with cars when they were kids. And when they grow up, they spend all their money on their dream car.  On the other hand, girls are subjected to play with dolls in their childhood, and when they grow up, they are focused on studies, career and founding a family.

             Apart from founding a family and achieving in my career, I have found a special love for cars. Weird at is it, but yes. I love cars. As I mentioned in my previous post, I grew up playing with cars from the age of 9. And, when I was 12, I had the chance to play racing video games, and that was it. It was all about cars. Moreover, I love driving. I am not hesitated to drive miles. Long trips are not even an issue for me. I just enjoy the ride, whether on the driver’s seat or passenger’s.  I know many people, who don’t like long rides and they easily get bored throughout their long trips. But, I enjoy everything about the trips; the conversations, the views, the stops. likewise, I make sure that whoever comes with me on trips are strictly entertained, as I keep the conversation going on.



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