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Canada is one of the largest countries to welcome immigrants. The country gives them also various opportunity and equal rights as a Canadian by blood. As we see. many of them achieve in a higher level in multiple domains, such politics, business, and much more.

             Following these descriptions, there is one person seeking the attention of everyone and makes most of the Canadian immigrant proud in the recent time. Harjit Singh Sajjan, born in India in 1970, immigrated to Vancouver, BC. Five years later. His father is a well-known person among the Sikh community and a member of the World Sikh Organization. Sajjan became the first Sikh to command a Canadian Army in 2011, which makes him special in many ways. Now, he is a retired Lieutenant-Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces and a combat veteran. He was deployed in Bosnia-Herzegovina and in three separate divisions in Afghanistan. He was recognized in many ways, such as the Meritorious Service Medal and he has the honor to hold the Order of Military Merit, one of the highest recognitions in the military.

             Moreover, he was a police officer for more than 10 years for the Vancouver Police Department. His last assignment as a police officer was as Detective-Constable among the Gang Crime Unit. Sajjan served the Vancouver Police as an organized-crime investigator. He also holds a title as a human security specialist, targeting audience in Canada and in the United States.

             Nothing made him stop. Once again, Sajjan proved that coming from another country does not stop him to prosper in Canada. He’s serving the Canada and his community on a larger scale. On the fourth of November, appointed by Justin Trudeau he became Minister of National Defence. He is also continuing to serve his community as a Member of Parliament from his riding of Vancouver South, since the 2015 federal election.

             This is a step further for the Canadian Sikh younger generations, where Harjit Singh Sajjan becomes a role model. More than anything, it makes every single Sikh  proud of. As a matter of facts, Sikhs faces many racist discriminations among the others. But, things are getting better slowly. Thanks to Sajjan for making the Sikh community stand in the crowd.

         Positive comeback among the community after the appointment of the new Defence Minister


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